Mauri: Kathmandu’s Newest Foodie Hive

Mauri, a chic new restaurant and bar in Lazimpat, has been creating quite a buzz even before its official opening on June 8. The new eatery is reminiscent of the classic American diner with its ambience and design, the swing jazz you hear playing over the sounds of conversation and cutlery, and its American and Italian menu.


The restaurant has several great pizza options but the Bianco- with its mushroom sauce (as opposed to the conventional tomato sauce) and cheese, garnished with basil, and baked in a stone oven, is highly recommended by the owners of the establishment. It is a unique vegetarian pizza treat. Another food item on the menu that will certainly catch your eye is the Coke-in-Wings. The chicken is cooked in coke! However, there are several other Wings options on the menu ranging in flavour from spicy to tangy. The Nepali favourites, Sukuti and Momo, appear on the menu as well. Food portion is generous, the prices are decent, and to top it all, they even do home delivery.

Food, however, is no longer the only draw for today’s social media-savvy diners. Mauri is photogenic. The large teal couches add a splash of colour to the otherwise sensible, minimalist wood and glass aesthetics. The fishbowl design, with a high ceiling and full glass walls allow the restaurant’s light and ambience to change with the colour of the day outside. In the evening, the sun casts artful geometric shadows on the floor. The cocktails served at the bar also seem to go well together with the interiors, and the sunset sky in its pink, orange, and red hues. Mauri is Insta-ready.


We initially wanted to go with Hive, but decided on Mauri. Our customers are Mauri (bees) who gather around a hive.

Ashutosh Shrestha, Owner

L-R: Bianco Pizza, Tangy Wings, Smoked Chicken Pizza, Italian Pocket (pasta), Beetroot Salad, and Blue Angel (mocktail)

Partners Raju Singh and Ashutosh Shrestha are not new to the restaurant business. The duo launched the popular Vootoo restaurant in October 2011. Vootoo focuses primarily on Newari cuisine, and Nepali classics. Chef at Mauri is a former Vootoo chef who had left Nepal to work in restaurants abroad. Chef has rejoined Raju and Ashutosh’s team.

Since its opening, Vootoo has benefitted from its location in Lainchaur, which is to say Mauri, located in the same vicinity, will benefit too. It is minutes away from the Indian and British Embassies, as well as the British Council, and neighbours with Shankar and Ambassador hotels. Mauri is less than a 10 minute walk from Kathmandu’s tourist district, Thamel.

It is not just about the location though. Vootoo has been consistent in its concept, reliable in its quality of food and service, and fair in its prices from the day it opened. Customers have appreciated this by returning for years, and promoting the establishment by word of mouth. If Raju and Ashutosh can ensure the same at Mauri, it won’t be a surprise to see the restaurant become a busy hive in the foreseeable future.

Honey is made after a lot of hard work. Our menu requires lot of labour and dedication as well. It is slow-cooked food. We are hoping to create something special.

Raju Singh, Owner

Ashutosh Shrestha and Raju Singh