DIPLO in Kathmandu

“Twenty more minutes!” emcee Sanjaya Gupta yelled from the stage. The crowd below cheered.

Around 11:25PM on a Wednesday night in Kathmandu, that cheer turned into a roar when Diplo came on stage flanked by an army of security guards, and marched straight to the DJ booth, where he took charge for over an hour.

The two-time Grammy winner, with a string of popular EDM hits and collaborations, was in town for the show organized by Dancemandu at Club Déjà Vu, the largest club in Nepal.

“We had around 2,000 people come to the event,” organizer Nishan Manandhar said after the show.

In October, Dancemandu will return with their annual mega-fest.

In the mean time, this was Diplo, live in Kathmandu. Beats, light strobes, dance, repeat. (Photos: Kashish Das Shrestha/ON)

(Filmed by Kashish Das Shrestha & Sudhir Bhandari/ON)