EXCLUSIVE: Ian Baker “Free and Exonerated” By Greece Against Nepal Police’s Extradition Request

In what appears to be a serious setback to Nepal Police’s near decade old pursuit of American adventurer Ian Baker to bring him to Nepal and face wildlife crime related charges filed against him in 2008, and the Police’s INTERPOL Red Notice against him for the same, the Hellenic Ministry of Justice, Transparency, and Human Rights, and the Court of Rhodes, Greece, today have ruled in Baker’s favor. Nepal’s request for Baker to be sent here from Greece, where he was detained on on Nepal’s behalf on June 17 while entering the country, has been denied by the Greek authorities. Nepal Police and the Greek authorities had been regularly working on the matter since.

“I am free and totally exonerated,” Baker told Onward Nepal today, after the court ruling on his case.

While the United States Embassy in Nepal is said to have been informed of the developments in the case, Onward Nepal was unable to reach the Embassy’s Spokesperson for a comment despite several attempts. The Embassy had previously told Onward Nepal that it is their policy to not comment on ongoing criminal investigations.

Speaking to several Nepal Police officials this evening, it appeared they had not yet been updated on the matter either.

“What does not change is the fact that Ian Baker is still on the run from Nepal where he is wanted for wildlife crime charges and has a case against him in our courts,” Central Police Spokesperson SSP Pushkar Karki told Onward Nepal this evening after learning of Greece’s decision on the matter. “Whether he is guilty or not is for the court to decide. If he is not guilty, he should come to Nepal and make his case.”

On Tuesday, July 25, Onward Nepal broke the news and published an exclusive on Baker’s detention in Greece. The incident was the first detention of its kind since INTERPOL Red Notice was issued against him by Nepal in 2008. Since then, Baker has traveled freely around the world.

“I traveled to so many countries, and it has not been a problem. They ask a few questions and let me go. But now, because the detention is more serious, I am confident this will help me to make clear the issues surrounding my case,” Baker had confidently told Onward Nepal on July 26.

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Top feature photo: Greece as photographed by Ian Baker on his phone during, as he “explored” the country during his detention there while Greek authorities examined the case filed against him by Nepal Police.