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Government Must Work With Public Relief Efforts: MP Gagan Thapa

The Government’s announcement yesterday to centralise flood relief efforts drew sharp criticism and raised valid concerns. The announcement came less than a day after MP Gagan Thapa, the former Health Minister, who has lobbied for disaster preparedness policies and worked extensively after the 2015 earthquake, put out a video appeal asking the public to help with relief efforts. The video had reached half a million views and had 1,000 shares by the time the government’s policy was announced. Like some of the other relief efforts, people had already begun to drop off aid materials as advised. Today, the Cabinet is set to take a decision on how exactly to manage all the relief efforts.


I have spoken to several relevant authorities on this matter, and I hope what they decide during the Cabinet meeting today will reflect a policy that strengthens the coordination between public and government efforts.

Gagan Thapa, Member of Parliament

“While it is important for everyone, and especially the government to make sure that people don’t take advantage of this crisis for profiteering, I think the government must assist public relief effort in this state of emergency,” MP Thapa told Onward Nepal, this morning.

Yesterday, as news emerged of the government’s decision to centralise relief work, Arpan Shrestha, a coordinator of the #FillTheBucket campaign, had responded with this tweet:


The #FillTheBucket campaign is now coordinating their efforts with MP Gagan Thapa’s to ensure relief materials reach those who need it.

Watch MP Thapa’s video appeal here:

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