MPs Contribute, Appeal For Urgent Aid

On Sunday, August 13,  Nepali Congress lawmakers decided to contribute a month’s salary to rescue and relief efforts. The Party has 207 members in parliament, so a significant amount of about Rs.10 million has been committed.

Additionally, late Sunday night, Member of Parliament and former Health Minister Gagan Thapa, also of Nepali Congress, put out a public appeal to assist affected communities with a video message and contact info. MP Thapa, who has emphasised disaster preparedness and sustainable development policies, also spearheaded many successful post-quake relief efforts in 2015 and 2016.

In his video, he reminds the public that floods are not merely natural disasters, but also an outcome of a series of bad decisions.

“We must reflect, learn, and then improve the way forward from that learning,” MP Thapa says in the video, before urging the public to hold policymakers and the government accountable. Here is the video:

Truck Ready, Need Relief Materials

MP Amrit Aryal of Morang has requested those who want to send air materials to reach out to his office at 9852024333. As per his office, their truck is ready to deliver materials and has more space available.

For details on what kind of materials to send, watch MP Gagan Thapa’s video above.

Cabinet Announces Compensation

The Cabinet has announced a compensation of Rs 200,000 to the families of the deceased.

How Public Can Help

For additional ways in which public can contribute, please refer to this article we published on Sunday:

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