NRA Seeks Help Of Local Leaders In Post – Quake Rebuilding Process

The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), an apex body that oversees the post- 2015 Gorkha earthquake reconstruction work, has written to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development to mobilise the newly elected and to be elected local authorities in all 32 earthquake-affected districts to help expedite the distribution of housing aid and rebuilding of damaged private houses.

On Wednesday, the NRA asked District Coordination Committees in municipalities, rural municipalities, and wards with elected local authorities as well as those holding elections next week, to nominate representatives who would facilitate reconstruction work in their areas.  The reconstruction authority has sought the participation of local representatives to help ensure those who have received the first instalment of the private housing aid and completed the construction of the plinths of their new buildings will be able to access the second instalment by mid-July.

“We strongly believe the involvement of elected local bodies will be crucial in rebuilding in earthquake-affected districts, and will help expedite reconstruction work,” NRA Chief Govinda Raj Pokhrel says.

More than two years after the devastating Gorkha earthquake, less than four percent of the total 724,895 households have been rebuilt in the 32 affected districts. Thousands of families continue to live in temporary shelters, and are enduring harsh monsoon conditions a third time.


Post - Gorkha Quake Reconstruction

Total no. of damaged houses


House Rebuilt Till Date


Houses Under Construction

According to NRA statistics as of Monday, of the total 724,895 households identified as beneficiaries of private housing aid, 28,327 have completed reconstruction while 90,823 houses are still in the process of being rebuilt. The government is providing Rs. 300,000 as private housing aid in three instalments of Rs 50,000, Rs 150,000, and Rs 100,000.

So far, the private housing aid agreement has been signed by 604,105 households. A total of 572,749 households have received the first instalment, 31,217 households have received the second instalment, and 1,648 have received the third instalment.