Images from the day: Cherry blossom in Lukla

A cherry blossom tree in Lukla, the ‘Gateway to Everest,’ with Nupla peak in the background. Lukla bazaar is gearing up for the spring mountaineering season which gets fully underway by late April.
(Photo: Kashish Das Shrestha /ON)


A man rests at the spot popularly known as “One Tree Hill” in Bhaisipati, Lalitpur. As spring nears the South Asian monsoon summer, temperature has been rising in Kathmandu Valley. (Photo: Sudhir R Bhandari/ON)


The Seto Machindranath chariot being pulled towards Ason as a sea of devotees and festivalgoers trail it, while the evening rush hour traffic wait for it to pass. (All Photos & Text: Kashish Das Shrestha/ON)


A krait on a roof next to Kathmandu’s historical Nag Pokhari (serpent king pond) yesterday afternoon. Experts say snake bites in the valley have been rising in recent years, with more than 400 cases documented in 2014. (Photo: Sudhir R. Bandhari/ON)


On April 25, 2015, when the #NepalQuake struck, Nilu Ranjit was in Kasthamandap temple with her husband Laxman Ranjit donating blood. As the ground shook, the temple collapsed. Laxman ran out to save their son, Aaryan Ranjit, 6 years old then. Nilu did not survive the quake. This mural in Lagan Tole, Kathmandu, by artist Martin Travers is an homage to the Ranjit family. On top is an impression of Nilu, in the foreground is Laxman in his avatar as a Lakhey against the backdrop of Kasthamandap. The mural was ‘inaugurated’ on Friday, 31 March 2017. (Photo & text: Dewan Rai/ON)


Tharu women in a procession for a ‘Shiva Sermon’ in Nepal’s Bardiya district today. (Photo: Kashish Das Shrestha/ON)


A sparrow this morning in Kathmandu. Experts have noticed a decline in sparrow population here due to rapid urbanization.‬ (Photo: Kashish Das Shrestha/ON)


The Juddha Shamsher statue in New Road, Kathmandu, was seen with a surgical mask on today. Printouts that read ‘Stop Pollution’ were pasted on the statue’s pedestal. Images of the masked statue appeared on social media in the morning. Air quality in the capital city has been a growing crisis, and recent infrastructure works have added to it by increasing suspended dust particles across the valley. The surgical mask is commonly used in Nepal to reduce exposure to pollution. (Photo: Kashish Das Shrestha/ON)