Photos: Birgunj After The Flood

As the sun shines brightly against a blue sky, and our eyes once again see the earth beneath our feet, life almost begins to feel normal.

It is less than two weeks since August 11, when the monsoon rains caused deadly floods across Nepal. Many lives have been lost. Tens of thousands remain homeless.

Although the weather has improved and floodwaters have receded, people remain traumatised by the floods. Food and water shortages continue while sanitation is a major challenge for survivors. Yet, the human spirit refuses to give up. Those affected are in the process of rebuilding their lives after the devastation.

Manish Paudel is a freelance photographer based in Birgunj, and a co-founder of Sanskriti, a platform for creative youth.




Locals of Ramgaduwa, Birgunj, moving to safer ground during the rain and floods on August 13.

Binita Giri of Prashauni Bhata perches on a roadside stump after leaving her cattle in the fields for grazing.

Green grassland photographed after the deadly flood.

Alau-Bindawasini Road, after the flood. August 17.

A family in Parsauni Bhatta, August 17.


An elderly couple in Parsauni Bhatta repairing their home after the flood, August 17.