Great Himal Race

Kanchenjunga to Hilsa: Extreme Himalayan Race

The Great Himal Race 2017 is the first and only edition of one of the longest running trails in Nepal. The 1,600Km race was organised by Les Chevaliers du Vent (The Knights of the Wind), a French organisation. The organiser, Bruno Poirier had run across Nepal from the East to the West in 1994. He organised this race to share the experience with other trail runners.

Five Nepali trail runners participated in the race. One of them, Chhechi Sherpa Rai, has become the first Nepali woman to complete the race, successfully. The only other woman to have run such a distance in Nepal is the British 100Km World Champion, Lizzy Hawker. She completed a distance of 1,700Km in 2011.

The winner of the Great Himal Race, Jagan Timilsina from Nepal, completed the 45 day race in 44 days.

The Great Himal Race saw 45 participants of various nationalities. Only eleven completed the race.