Fashion Revolution Day Nepal

As Fashion Revolution Week was observed around the world in 90 countries between 24th and 30th April, Fashion Revolution Nepal​ organised a Fashion Revolution Weekend on 29th and 30th April in the capital, Kathmandu. The event aimed at bringing together the fashion industry to focus on ethical fashion, and to promote transparency and accountability within the industry.

The Fashion Revolution Week came into being after the Rana Plaza tragedy that killed over a thousand garment factory workers in Bangladesh in 2013. Conceptualised by Fashion Revolution, the movement demands transparency in the fashion supply chain and encourages sustainable fashion. This is the third year the event has been organised in Kathmandu.


We were able to raise awareness on ethical fashion and highlight the brands who want an end to injustices in the fashion industry.

Sunaina Singh Shrestha, Country Coordinator

The rising demand for cheap and fast fashion comes at a heavy cost to the natural environment and the lives of workers who toil at the factories manufacturing these products. Fair Trade and ecologically sustainable production methods such as environmentally friendly fabrics and natural dyes are ethical alternatives.

This year, more than a dozen local brands came together at Fashion Revolution Weekend to support this cause. And despite the stormy weather, there were more visitors at this year’s event than in the previous years.